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Contract Packaging

banner5Summit is a full service contract packaging company that offers end to end supply chain management. We immerse ourselves into each project and ensure that each area of the supply chain is properly aligned for successful execution. We are experts within ideation, design, manufacturing, primary and secondary packaging, warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics.

We can lift the burden from our customer and assume the management of the entire supply chain ensuring high performance, exceptional results.

Our Contract Packaging Facilities offer great flexibility and control of your product. We will also embed our management, our staff, our procedures, our systems, and our equipment within your facility where we will manage your entire operation on a price per piece or time and material agreement.

Our packaging services include: kit assembly, permanent and temporary display assembly, multi packs, shrink wrapping, shrink banding, steam shrink banding, labeling, automatic bottle de-casing and variety pack assembly, supported and unsupported print registered bundle wrapping, cartoning, vertical bagging, culling, and pick pack and ship fulfillment.