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Custom Design

boxesSummit’s world class design center of excellence allows our team to absorb the intent and strategy of a promotion, project or experience to support our customer’s brand at the moment of conception. Our diverse experience allows us to craft cutting edge, award winning designs that are on time and within budget every time.

Summit’s design center and packaging lab creates the most cost effective, total solution. Summit’s unique ability to blend multiple mediums to achieve the most economic material, assembly, and handling cost ensures the greatest speed to market, the highest degree of functionality, at the most aggressive price.
From ideation, to design, to the cutting table, to the conference table – Summit allows a thought to be realized very quickly with quick turn samples to illustrate functionality and aesthetics.

Summit has designed custom packaging for many different products and industries including set top boxes, computers, beverages, medical devices, film and furniture. With over thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging products, Summit can provide its customers with quality packaging delivered with outstanding customer service.